Sometimes a straight through Patch Lead isn't what you need... What do you need and why?  
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CAT6 Patch Lead Terminations
Crossover Cable:
A crossover cables is very similar to a straight-through cable except that it has pairs of wires that 'cross over' where the orange-white and green-white wires are swapped at one end. This allows for two devices to communicate at the same time. Unlike straight-through cables, crossover cables connect like devices.
The rule of thumb is to use crossover cables with like devices, however some devices do not follow standards. Others provide support for both types of cables.

Use a crossover cable to:
- Connect a computer to a router.
- Connect a computer to a computer.
- Connect a router to a router.
- Connect a switch to a switch.
- Connect a hub to a hub.
Straight Through Cable:
Straight-through cables get their name from how they are made. Out of the 8 pins that exist on both ends of an Ethernet cable, each pin connects to the same pin on the opposite side.

Use a straight-through cable to:
- Connect a router to a hub.
- Connecting a computer to a swtich.
- Connect a LAN port to a switch, hub, or computer.
Rollover Cable:
A rollover cable has one end of the cable wired exactly opposite from the other. This 'rolls over' the wires.
These cables usually connect a device to a router or switch’s console port. This allows a programmer to make a connection to the router or switch, and program it as needed.
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