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Project Experience
SAG Mill Optimisation
SAG Mill grind and throughput automatically optimised for changing ore types whilst taking into account throughput, speed, power draw and weight limitations....
Electronic Logsheets & Reporting
To reduce the need for Operators to manually document and report plant operating data and to limit the errors that are often brought about by the need to ‘back fill’ data, CitectSCADA’s inbuilt Reporting functions and CiCode programing langiage....
Elution Circuit Automation
The site’s Elution Circuit had operated manually for several years, but increased frequency of stripping cycles and the increasing occurrence of spills, trips and shutdowns meant that the process had to be automated....
Generator Controls
The site’s Power Station had operated manually for several years, and the existing control system was hard to get either spares or support for.  Blackouts were frequent, and significant Operator involvement was necessary to maintain sufficient....
Instrument Services
Instruments are at the front line of your Process Monitoring, Control, and Safety Systems and as such must be correctly installed, calibrated, and maintained at all times....
PLC & SCADA Development
In preparation for a major Process Plant upgrade, it was necessary to re-develop site SCADA and PLC standards and to move towards a modern PLC hardware platform and an ISA-101 / ASM (Abnormal Situation Management) type SCADA Interface....
Solids to Liquids Cyanide Mixing
Cyanide pellets are trucked to site in Isotainers where the dry pellets are then mixed with water in the Isotainers before being transferred to holding tanks....
Web Monitoring & SMS Alarming
For many years large, small, and micro sized applications have needed the ability to remotely monitor, log, and control their equipment, access their controllers and to have reliable SMS or Emailed alarms when something goes wrong....